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Have you observed these
in your child lately?

There’s an endless loop of tantrum throwing, screaming, and crying
They are short tempered and impatient
Your house had transformed into a warzone overnight!
All your children do is playing games on devices!

Yes! This is what happened when the children are cooped up, stressed up,
and bottled up with a mixture of anxiety, worry, and fed-up with
the never ending fight of Covid 19!

As the number of confirmed cases are almost hitting 10,000 cases
what can we do for the children?

In the next few days, I will focus on helping your child to find hope,
courage, support and love through our signature holiday program with
5 years of proven track records! Your child will learn on how to cope with
challenges through a resourceful and resilience way! They will never view the
world the same again after they go through this holiday program with us.

the MCO 3.0 Special Edition
Holiday Program

“Let’s brace through this together!”

Worked with Thousands of Kids
Proven Track Record
Positive Feedbacks from Parents

Parents Testimonials


RZ's Mum:
Big improvement since day 1. First thing we observed is the
crying part getting lesser and more easy to approach him. Last
time when shower time it will take a long time for him to get to
the toilet to take a shower. We need to set a timer like, okay 5
minutes, and after 5 minutes we will be done right, then after
5, mama I need another 2 minutes to extend right, then after
the 2 minutes, mama I need another 1 minute. Now, it's very
easy, okay it's time to shower I can do it by myself and get
done with everything. Yeah, that's the big improvement.


A's Parents:
A has improved a lot. She can control her temper. She really
takes care of her younger brother. She feeds him sometimes,
she holds his hand when we want to cross the road. She
cleans her mess, she keeps her toys, throws away the rubbish.
She is very good! Sometimes she bathes her brother. Thank
you kakak.


I's Mum:
Mainly he is more responsible now, don't need to urge him to
take a shower, he would go straight and take his shower
himself. We need to beg him to finish food, but recently no
need to tell him to finish his food, he can finish his food
independently, really don't need, so fast. And he asked for
additional bowls.

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Want the same result
for your kid?

Instead of tangling yourself up in the endless wrestle of scolding, shouting,
spanking with your kids, and pulling your hair trying to manage them at home
during school holiday…

Let us take care of it while you can spend 90 minutes with a peace of mind
taking a breather and having your me time.

What will your child learn
in the 5 days duration

Emotions Self-Check

Tapping into the surrounding resources at time of crisis

Building Resilience and support system

Stay collected and balance at challenging moment

Cultivate Gratitude, kindness and love


Our Trainer

Anna Tan

• Child & Family Development Consultant
• Structural Play Therapist
• Parenting Coach
• Psychologist

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