"Play is your child's most natural 

                                    form of expression."


Play is the native language for children. It provides a medium to build skills, process emotions and episodes, and solve interpersonal struggles. Play therapy also untwines the child's internal conflicts and guide them to resurface these intense/wounded episodes and overcome these obstacles. Thus, it brings light to develop functional and effective communication in families.

What types of problem does play therapy address?

  • grief and loss,

  • sibling rivalry,

  • depression,

  • anxiety,

  • adjustment issues,

  • challenging behaviors in school,

  • etc

What We Offer

One to One Sessions

Group Session

Parenting Consultation

Family Intervention


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A's Mum:
Raising A up was so much harder than her elder siblings. She was often being described as naughty, rebellious, and tricky by the teachers from kindergarten until she is now in secondary school. We (parents) always got a call from the school to have a meeting. After taking the consideration from the teachers, we started with SNS. In time, she got better in her academic, attention span, listening skills. Most importantly, we as parents, have transformed our parenting style and the point of view of how to communicate and be with her. Our relationship and bonds have grown so much closer than ever since then


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