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We are a team of enthusiastic individuals to help children grow and learn through Play Therapy, Character Development Programs, and Inclusion Education Programs.












parents' testimonials

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play therapy

C's Parents:
"Growing up without a father is extremely difficult for C. As a single mother, to admit and accept help from an outsider is a really hard decision at first. But I am glad I'm able to get over this stuck point. And to take a step back and to think, this isn't about me but for C. After a little bit over 3 months, I can see the slow but fruitful transformation from a timid kid to an out-going, active and happy child"


play therapy

A's Mum:
Raising A up was so much harder than her elder siblings. She was often being described as naughty, rebellious, and tricky by the teachers from kindergarten until she is now in secondary school. We (parents) always got a call from the school to have a meeting. After taking the consideration from the teachers, we started with SNS. In time, she got better in her academic, attention span, listening skills. Most importantly, we as parents, have transformed our parenting style and the point of view of how to communicate and be with her. Our relationship and bonds have grown so much closer than ever since then