children enrichment programs

children enrichment programs
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Character Development Program

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Character Development Program is carefully engineered to help your child to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, intrinsic motivation, patience, resilience, etc. Most importantly, it can help unleash your child's full potential in contributing to a healthy, balanced, and sustainable community.

This program will:

  • Help your child embark on a self-exploration journey
  • Empower your child to have a growth mindset
  • Guide and support emotion processing in a small group setting
  • Equip your child to be a humane, resilient, persistent, and resourceful individual

Act now to give your child the gift of character and help them reach their full potential. Contact us now to see the difference our program can make.

Frequency Duration Rates
6 classes per term (Excluding Public Holidays) Weekly session 1.5 hours per session NP:RM 650 per term
NOW RM 520 per term
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Holiday Program

During school holidays, children have the perfect opportunity to learn new skills that can benefit them in the future.

Our Holiday Program is designed to help children develop key traits such as resilience, independence, problem-solving skills, manners, and community awareness through hands-on activities and team experiences. By participating in these activities, children will learn how to overcome challenges, work collaboratively, and develop a positive attitude towards life.

The ability to work with others, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively are all essential skills that will help children excel in their personal and professional lives and grow into individuals who can make positive contributions to society.

Give your child an exciting head start in life with our fun-filled Holiday Program. Contact us for more details.

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Speech & Drama

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to help your child develop their interpersonal skills and creativity? Our Speech & Drama classes are the perfect solution! Led by experienced professionals, our program offers a safe and encouraging space for your child to explore their creativity through music, performances, plays, and dramas. Your child will develop self-expression, problem-solving abilities, and learn to collaborate with others towards a common goal.

In our Speech & Drama classes, we believe that every child has the potential to shine, and our dedicated teachers are committed to help your child to reach their full potential. Plus, our program is designed to be fun and engaging, so your child will look forward to every class.

Contact us today to find out more about our Speech & Drama classes and give your child the gift of confidence, creativity, and interpersonal skills!

6 classes per term (Excluding Public Holidays) Frequency Duration Rates
Speech & Drama (For special needs children) Weekly session 1.5 hours per session NP:RM 680 per term
NOW RM 550 per term
Speech & Drama Weekly session 1.5 hours per session NP:RM 650 per term
NOW RM 520 per term
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Kids DJ

Age: 8-13 years old

DJing for kids - The new fun way for kids to learn music!

The digital revolution has hit the music industry and teaching is no different. With DJ Courses led by certified Pioneer DJ Malaysia Instructor, Kids DJ lessons are the best way to encourage children to get involved in music and it often acts as a gateway to further education in music including music production. It's the perfect way to combine technical and creative skills, suitable for all types of learners.

Benefits of DJ lessons for your kids:

  • Cool hobby = Less screen time on games
  • Confidence building & inspiration
  • Introduction to music
  • No musical background needed
  • Promotes technical skills, creativity and expressions
  • Promotes motor skills, multitasking and hand-eye coordination
  • No equipment needed, we will provide all equipment needed for classes
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